Company Overview

Company Overview

EMWL Microfinance Co. Ltd. is a Non Bank Financial institution licensed and regulated by the Bank of Ghana to provide Financial services to the unbanked, Individuals at the lower bottom of the economic ladder, sole proprietors, Small and Medium Enterprises(SME’s).

The company commenced its operations in 2011 to offer loans and other business Advisory services to those turned down by traditional banks, believing that everyone has a right to financial services. The loans and services EMWL Microfinance Co. Ltd. offers to these families and individuals gives them the opportunity to build and invest in their own small businesses which enhances their income-earning capacity. Its operating activities then, was through the parent Money Lending company EMWL Company Limited.

OUR VISION is to be a world class financial service provider by achieving significant growth through customer focused innovative products, extraordinary services, and exceptional employee development thereby enabling us to invest in communities and maximise shareholder returns on the Tenets of Integrity, Humility and Accountability.


OUR MISSION is to provide bespoke financial services to individuals, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and entrepreneurs mostly ignored by Universal Banks so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living.


EMWL Microfinance is guided by the following values:

  • Right Focus –Customer first. Our products, processes and people are all focused on creating the highest value for the customer. This includes being respectful, understanding the needs of customers and total transparency.
  • Right Means-Ethics always. We will follow ethical practices in all our relationships at all times,
  • Right Way -Consistent quality and Integrity. We will have standardised processes to enable us reach out to a lot more customers cost effectively. We will foster innovation but in a way that ensures consistent cost optimisation.

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